Pipe Floaters

Pipe Floaters

Thanks to their lightness and compactness, they can be easily and quickly clamped to the pipes and prepared for use.
Pipe floaters are suitable for use in areas where the water level is low, thanks to their low draft.
It is 3 times longer lasting than steel or concrete floats.
It is resistant to corrosion.
Pipe carriers clamped properly to each other show constant buoyancy even under high weight.

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Frequently Asked Questions

It can be used to moor boats up to 30 in length, to create multi-purpose floating platforms and floating areas.

Aluminum piers are suitable for use in sheltered areas and areas where the wave height does not exceed 70 cm.

Thanks to its 6005T6 aluminum body, it is resistant to sea water and is not affected by corrosion. Thanks to its polyethylene floaters, it is resistant to sea water for many years and to the sun thanks to its UV additive. With the standard composite material, which is the coating material, it provides non-slip and lasts for many years under sea conditions.

There are different solutions for different regions, chain, vault; pile connections are fixed on the water with the help of arms from the quay or with wheels that can slide on the HEA profile. Our engineers also offer the most suitable solution according to the location.

Thanks to its special fender system, it prevents your boat from being damaged by the impacts that may occur with the movement of the water while it is connected to the pier. Protects the pier and your boat.

The coatings on the pontoons are modular. The broken or worn part can be replaced with a new one. You can contact our technical team for more information.

The floaters are filled with a foam system called polystyrene. The buoyancy of the pontoon continues thanks to this system, which makes it difficult to get water even if the buoyant is punctured. Damaged floaters can be replaced with new ones. You can contact our technical team for more information.

Floating systems can be easily mounted from the place where they are installed. The pontoon shape and settlement can be played, if desired, by opening the merging and fixing systems.

Polyethylene floaters are frost resistant. The system can be maintained in the event of frost that may occur in the lakes. It does not require any intervention. Once the ice has thawed, the system will resume its buoyancy.

If requested, we provide transportation and assembly services. For this, we need information such as regional conditions, depth, wind conditions.

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