Product Description


Special rubber fittings allow the movement of the system under adverse weather conditions; therefore they overcome the adverse weather conditions without damage systemunder adverse weather conditions without damage to the product. The parts used in the product are corrosion resistant.


Rotodock can respond to all applications on water. With its modular design and ease of use, Rotodock offers installation possibilities ranging from personal use to commercial applications, depending on the needs and the environmental conditions. Rotodock, which is produced by rotation technology, has established itself as a preferred product in the industry due to its AEST appearance and environmentally friendly features. Each part of the Rotodock is self-floating and can be easily installed with a connector unit called a coupler. You can create your own design with the Rotodock four different sizes are available.


Marinas constructed with the Rotodock floating platform systems can be used for many years. It is very easy to extend the life span of Rotodock by using stabilization parts suitable fort he place of installation. Due to its reliable, robuts and easy to install structure. It creates a safe docking haven in rivers, lakes, bays and in many similar places. During the summer season, the standard beige color provides a much cooler surface compared to the dark colors. Moreover, it has an anti-slip surface, providing a more comfortable and safer mobility.


PMS readily adapted to its customers’ requirements by filling Rotodock parts with polystyrene, therefore biringing innovations into the product and the market.

Product Features

  • Doesn’ t require maintenance
  • Functional accessories.
  • Multipurpose modular design.
  • Safety connecting rubbers.
  • Durability and flexibility.
  • Secure Non-slip surface.
  • Four season use in protected areas.
  • Save time with fast and practical installation.
  • Diverse fixing possibilities




Product Applications

  • Marinas, recreation areas,
  • Hotels and restaurants, camps, water parks, water sports,
  • Government and military projects,
  • Organizations (concerts, weddings, competitions, festivals, fairs, exhibition areas),
  • Fishermen’s shelters and berths,
  • Industrial solutions (generator, drilling system, water intake structure, work platforms),
  • Floating pool and bridges,

Product Technical Detail

# Flotation Cap. Width Length Height Weight
1 (A) 1800 kg/Ad. 200 cm 300 cm 38 cm 180 kg
2 (B) 1350 kg/Ad. 150 cm 300 cm 38 cm 130 kg
3 (C) 900 kg/Ad. 100 cm 300 cm 38 cm 90 kg
4 (D) 450 kg/Ad. 100 cm 150 cm 38 cm 45 kg


Product Video